21-day challenge: an organized fridge and freezer

This is my fridge after receiving some love. Like the rest of our house, we were looking a little disorganized. 

To add to the chaos, we were bad about wasting the fruits and veggies in the crisper drawers… not intentionally, we’d just forget about them until it was too late.

  1. We reorganized the fridge so we could see what we had. I gave its good cleaning and DIYed some fridge coasters (more about that next week). I also threw out anything that was expired.

I love using the glass containers to store fruit because I can see everything, and they’re super easy to clean. Plus,my DIY fridge coasters make cleaning easy as well.

I ended up reorganizing my fridge and “coastering” it for about $8.

Tomorrow is our final installment of the  challenge:the outdoors and recycle center. Thanks for loyally reading each day!

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