21-day challenge: organizing your outdoor areas AND trash/recycle

Welcome to the final installment of the 21-day challenge. You have been very patient with me and you’ve been faithful readers. I truly appreciate this!

Bad weather and the busyness of the holiday season meant our outdoor spaces began looking like this.

Throw away piles everywhere and things that needed to be put away. It really made our back yard look horrible.

Plus, both of these areas were in sight of our patio and back porch.

After a little throwing away and a little putting away, we came up with this:

Let’s see that before and after again, shall we?

And now let’s talk recycling. You will notice we have this little alcove that has a locking gate. The previous owners used this for a dog run.

I originally had the idea to use it for a little storage spot for lawn tools but it isn’t covered.

I decided instead that it’d be an awesome place to hide our trash and recycle cans.
I think this is a nice use of the space. What do you think?

Here are some ideas from the WWW that I’d like to try for a home recycling and trash center.



I hope you’ve enjoyed our 21-day challenge. Join us tomorrow for a recap.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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