21-day challenge: spring cleaning during spring break

link The 21-day challenge UPDATE


see I used my spring break to do some heavy cleaning and organizing. My linen closet was a true source of frequent consternation for me, but my very handy daddy helped solve that problem. I also tackled kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, bedroom closets and under beds. Because I didn’t want spring break to be all about cleaning and not at all about family, I didn’t get to everything I’d planned.  I’ve also added a few things to my list that I have not yet tackled.


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Here is what was accomplished. There are links to posts about each project.


http://churchofthelordjesus.com/jfk-assassination-essay/ 1. Linen closet- we added three shelves, re-decorated and re-organized
2. Emorie’s closet and dresser
3. Mine and Michael’s dresser and armoire
4. Master closet re-organize
5. Craft cabinet- we will add shelves and re-organize
6. Playroom- just a little re-order
7. Pantry re-organize
8. Desk/office organization
9. Home command center
10. TV cabinet/living room organization
11. Coat closet
12. Under bed/out of season clothing storage
13. Laundry room organizing
14. Kitchen cabinet/fridge and freezer organizing
15. Upcycling- creating storage solutions from diaper boxes, shoe boxes and wipes containers
16. Command center update– DIY mail boxes

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see Still to-do:
1. Garage organization and clean up
2. Auto organization
3. Storage shed clean up
4. China cabinet
5. Tractor shed clean up
6. Back porch and patio
7. Greenhouse storage
8. Attic storage
9. Memory box project
10. Donate bin project


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