24 Days of Christmas: A gift-wrapping round-up

For today’s installment of 24 Days of Christmas, I have decided to share a roundup of great looking Christmas gifts. This is an area where I really struggle. I am terrible at wrapping presents and even more terrible at making them look nice once they’re wrapped. My grandmother always wraps beautiful presents- I’m always jealous 🙂 I went to Pinterest looking for inspiration and what I found was too nice not to share with you guys.

One thing I really want to do differently this year is put a little more creativity into my Christmas gift wrapping. Usually, I just buy whatever wrapping paper looks the best with my tree and go from there. I have found some very cute ideas on Pinterest this year and I can’t wait to try them out 🙂

1. Four Corners Design: Not one, but FOUR really unique and interesting ideas for wrapping gifts. She actually even uses an old map and some old fabric for a bow!

2. Dishfunctional Designs: She has some great ideas, including using old sheet music, using photographs, floral sprigs and chalkboard paper. Lots of great ideas here!!
photos instead of gift tags / Disfunctional Design
This lady uses vintage buttons and boxwood to decorate her Christmas packages. Plus, her home looks like something out of a magazine.
RedandGreenGiftWrap thumb Gift Wrap Ideas: Buttons & Boxwood
So much inspiration here, but this polka dot package caught my eye.
I hope you have been as inspired by these pretty packages as I have. Now, on to do some Christmas wrapping!

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