24 Days of Christmas: Gift Wrapping 101

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I have never been good at wrapping gifts. In fact, I’m pretty bad at it. I have a few relatives who wrap beautifully, so I racked their brains for tips…tips to improve my own gift wrapping skills, but also tips to share with you all. My grandmother is the queen of wrapping gifts, and she shared these tips with me.

gift wrap

  1. Don’t use cheap paper- buy quality.

Cheap wrapping paper doesn’t make for a well-wrapped present. Plus, the paper creases and wrinkles easily. Higher quality paper is usually thicker, and most of the time, it also has a grid printed on the back so you can cut straight lines (another challenge of mine).

Brown Paper Packages

2. If you don’t have access to better quality papers, use craft paper or grocery bags and embellish with strings or ribbon.

I love this picture from Acasarella.net- so simple and so elegant at the same time. This is super cute. The craft paper and baker’s twine are inexpensive and fantastically cute at the same time. The “brown paper packages tied up with string” look is so classic .

Untitled design

3.  No matter your paper, embellish the packages with ribbon, bows, cute tags, or floral picks

Be creative and use your imagination: I like to pick through my unused holiday supplies and repurpose them. One year, I embellished packages with ornaments. Embellishing your packages makes them more interesting and unique.


4. When wrapping presents, use double stick tape.

This not only hides the tape, but also makes it easier to wrap the present. I think it makes for a more tightly wrapped gift as well.

AdobeStock_72632488-v2-300x200 photo via Adobe Stock

5. Wrap presents on a hard surface to avoid tearing your paper or wrinkling

Plus, wrapping presents on a hard surface instead of on carpet makes for a more crisply wrapped gift.

What are your favorite gift wrapping tips?

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