A public service announcement…and a laugh at my expense.


As you know, my home tour was supposed to go live two days ago. It didn’t.

14 hours before I was supposed to click “publish,” the lights on this tree stopped working…exactly 12 hours after I put them on the tree. Bummer.

I can’t complain too much because it’s my fault that the lights failed in the first place. According to About.com, you shouldn’t plug in more than four strands on one tree, and especially not when you’re plugging them in to one another. This causes the fuses in the lights to blow.

The fuses protect your home from catching fire due to the large number of Christmas lights plugged into one another. If you’re my fire inspector hubby, stop reading now.

I had about seven strands of lights on this tree. No wonder I fried the fuse! You’ll be pleased to know the lights have been replaced…and there are now only four strands on the tree.

I didn’t want to take everything off the tree, so I took the lights off and replaced them without taking off the ornaments first. I was feeling pretty good about the fact that I’d only knocked two ornaments off the tree, and neither of them were breakable.

Then this happened. Oops.


After all was cleaned up and the tree relit, I stood on a chair to straighten the bow at the top, and promptly fell into the tree. Actually, I didn’t. I’m just kidding.

I stood on the chair, straightened the bow, and stood back to admire the pretty tree.


But seriously- don’t overdo it on the light strands.

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