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follow link No, I didn’t post so much that I broke Blogger. I wanted to let you know things might be a little quieter than usual around here this weekend- we have a lot going on, and I just need to get things done, but also to take a break. many homework

go here If you know me, then you already know my dad has stage 4 colon and liver cancer. This week, he underwent his fourth surgery in two years to remove cancerous tumors on his liver- he had this same thing done in January. This time, when doctors operated, they found he had eight more tumors they didn’t know about. Wednesday night was a really bad night, but last night he was doing so much better. dissertation electric We are working our regular jobs each day, and then driving almost 2 hours to see him at the hospital each night. I am planning to take this weekend off from blogging to rest, get some things done, and most importantly, spend time with my family.

Web Service Security Research Papers I’ll be back next week. Thanks for understanding.


  1. go Thanks! He is doing a lot better, but he is very sore. He has come a long way since Wednesday. I left the hospital Wednesday, and he couldn't talk and was on a ventilator. When I went to see him Thursday, he was out of ICU, in a private room, and sitting up talking. Now, he has been up walking laps around the hospital floor. God is good.

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