Thursday tips and tricks: Simplifying your cleaning routine

I don’t know about you, but I don’t always have a clean house. In fact, with two children in single digits, it’s almost never clean. 

If you come to my house and it looks clean, it’s probably put away and straightened, but not spotless.

I used to be the mom who’d spend all of Saturday morning cleaning the house, but then I realized we’d lose our entire day to house cleaning. 

I realized I needed to do some sort of daily cleaning. I found this cleaning schedule on Pinterest, and I liked the idea of it, but I needed to adapt it so that it met our needs.

Source: Little Green Notebook
I came up with this:

You won’t be able to find a one size fits all solution for your family, but you can find an idea you like and adapt it for your needs.

So, is my house perfectly clean now? No. But it is cleaner than it used to be and I don’t have to lose my whole Saturday to cleaning. 

Which gives me more time with these sweeties:

And that’s a win in my book. 

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Top Five Kids’ Chore Ideas



Happy Monday to you! Today is my first day of school, but my kiddo has been in school for over three weeks now. We’re getting settled in to her routine now, but mine? That’s a whole ‘nother can of worms, as they say in my hometown.

I don’t know about you folks, but I really struggle to find the balance between my job, my kids and my house. When I talk to other teachers, I often hear them say the same. Now that my oldest is five, she certainly is mature enough to help out with some of the household chores. I thought today we’d look at some ways to simplify our chore load by getting the kiddos involved.

I like this list of “age appropriate chores” that I found over at The Happy Housewife. I’ve actually had this pinned on my Pinterest since Emorie was about two (now she’s five).



I like how she broke this list down by age- it gave me an idea of where to start without expecting way too much.

If your kids are like mine, they are very visual. This visual chore chart would help my kiddo to have an idea of what she needs to do and whether or not she’s remembered to do it. I got this from Frugal Fanatic.



After all, I have a grown up version of this chore chart myself ūüôā

I also think it would be helpful to assign your young children the same daily chores but rotate chores with bigger kids. Some sort of incentive would sweeten the pot as well.


What sort of chore charts and incentives do you use? I’m not sure at this point which direction I want to go. Comment below and tell me what works in your house.

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Common Sense Cleaning: Bathrooms

Am I right when I say no one wants to talk about cleaning bathrooms? 
Probably. I’ve already talked about my weekly cleaning schedule and my monthly deep cleaning schedule, so you know my baseboards, trim, doors and cabinets get dusted once a month. My tubs and toilets are scrubbed weekly and the counter tops are wiped down daily. 

Deep cleaning my bathroom happens on those wonderful deep cleaning Saturdays- those two weekends a month when my husband is on call. I love the tasks I’m going to talk about today, because I can do them while I am doing other deep cleaning tasks. 
I am a germophobe (who teaches school as has a small child, which doesn’t make much sense), so I often worry about what nasty little creatures may lurk within my bath linens. 
I take down the shower curtains once a month and wash them. I just wash them both together in my washing machine on cold water (to prevent fading) permanent press cycle, with the reduced ironing option turned on. I’ve found that as long as I remove the shower curtains as soon as the wash cycle finishes, there will be no wrinkles. You can dry them in the dryer as well (I always do). 
Because we have hard water, we usually end up changing our plastic shower curtain liners every other month. Since we shower more in the summer, I have found that we end up changing the liners monthly during the hot months. 
I also wash the decorative hand towels and the towels we use at the same time. I don’t wash them in the same cycle as the shower curtains, because it causes them to collect lint. I dry them as well. I engage the steam option on the dryer- if I don’t, I always end up having to iron my towels. 
I have a child, who has bath toys. I can’t stomach the thought of her bath toys growing mold and mildew, so I utilized an idea I found on Pinterest. I really can’t remember where I saw this. 
Grab a few suction cubs and some mesh laundry bags (like the ones you use to wash lingerie). Hanging up the toys allows the water to drain out of them and they won’t grow mildew.
Even though I hang them up, I still wash her bath toys monthly. I just load them into my dishwasher and wash them in a hot white vinegar cycle. Because I had room left over, I loaded my metal shower rack in there, too. 
How cute do all those colorful bath toys look in my dishwasher? 
Of course, while your shower curtains/towels are washing in the washer, and your bath toys (if you have kids) are washing in the dishwasher, you are free to do other deep cleaning tasks…or to put your feet up and rest. It’s really up to you. 

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