Closet reorganization 

Earlier this year, I revamped my closet and organized it like this.

It worked wonderfully for a bit, but then some problems arose. For starters, I had a hard time reaching my shoes on the top shelf. This often resulted in my dropping lots of shoes on my head in the mornings, making lots of noise, and waking everyone up.

I also noticed the baskets on the middle shelf did not work well as it was hard to pull the baskets out.

I decided to use the middle shelf to store my often used clothes, like my shorts, pants and t-shirts, and put my out-of-season clothes on the hard to reach top shelf. 

I paired down my shoe collection to pairs that are frequently worn and ended up with a shoe collection of less than twenty pairs of shoes. I then attached labels to the boxes and stored them on the lower shelf.

I also paired down my wardrobe and kept only clothes that could make at least three outfits. I ended up with far fewer clothes but still a lot of things to wear.Not quite a capsule wardrobe but not exactly a huge wardrobe either.
Since I rearranged my closet, I don’t spend as much time looking for things and nothing falls on my head. Even if you’ve recently reorganized something, don’t be afraid to reorganize it again if it isn’t working for you. In the end, you may find that all those changes make your life so much easier.

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