Decorating: How to make your home look amazing

I can’t afford an interior designer, but I also do not have any natural talents for decorating. So I have tried to educate myself a little.

I am by no means an expert, and believe me, sometimes I get stumped and have to consult Pinterest/decorating magazines/phone a friend.

Please allow me to share a few ideas that I have learned along the way.

1. Group things of varying heights to keep the eye moving

When you’re decorating a mantle or shelf, group things that are varying heights so the viewer’s eyes will keep moving across the shelf or mantle. This makes it more interesting and visually pleasing.

2. Use trays or baskets to ground your objects, and make them a little more orderly as well

Adding a wood tray or basket adds texture, but it can also make your vignette appear more grounded. For instance, check out this before and after:

See what I mean? Doesn’t it seem so much more finished and intentional?

3. Layers add a level of comfort and softness

Our bed has a duvet, a quilt and a throw, along with pillows galore. I just love how cozy and comfortable it makes our room feel.

4. Pillows and throws add a layer of softness to a room, and can be easily switched out for seasonal decorating

We have six pillows on our couch most of the time and a throw draped over our chair. We have eight pillows on our bed. I can’t tell you how much softer our room feels with these pillows and blankets. Just swap out those fall/ winter colored pillows for pillows with pops of color and heavier fabrics for lighter, breezier textiles for spring. Plus, textiles really soften a room.

5. Group objects in odd numbers

Always group objects in odd numbers. I can’t really explain why, but I think it really adds a lot to your room.

Use natural elements in your decor. It can be a plant, pine cones, birds’ nests, or a grapevine wreath, but there is just something so beautiful about incorporating nature into your home.

Thanks so much for reading today! I’m always shopping for new ideas, so please feel free to share your favorites!

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