Dining room “re-decorating”

click here We have lived in this house for over 2 years now and have been using the same 4-seater table that I acquired right out of college. This is not a bad thing, as it’s a perfectly good table, and it certainly has held a lot of memories for us. It just wasn’t large enough for the space, and it was time to get something new.

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After searching many months on Craigslist, we finally found exactly what we wanted…and then some. We quickly went to look at the new (to us) set and found it to be very sturdy and very pretty. This is the picture from the Craigslist listing: 
image 1
We weren’t crazy about the leaded glass on the doors, so we chose not to use the doors. We took them off, and are now in the process of finding new cabinet pulls for the lower part of the china cabinet. 
We are now realizing that we never quite decorated the dining room at all, and we are on the search for some art, curtains, a new chandelier and a new rug.We are going for simple, modern farmhouse style.  Below is a little mood board I put together to help us decide 🙂

http://suongmedia.com/artificial-intelligence-assignment-help/ We hope to finish this soon. I can’t wait to post pictures!

source link Linking to StonegableWorthing CourtCedar Hill FarmhouseConfessions of a Plate Addict, and French Country Cottage!

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