DIY: “Grain sack” wall art

I love antique grain sacks. 


What I don’t love is how much an authentic one would cost. *sigh*
What’s a girl to do? 
Have you ever been to The Graphics Fairy? Oh my goodness, I could happily spend hours on that site. 
This is probably where I should be honest with you and tell you I *have* spent hours on that site. I’ve created  botanical prints for our bathroom and living room, “watercolor paintings” for our kitchen, and some super cute vintage printables for our playroom. 
Then, I had an idea. I bet The Graphics Fairy has a grain sack printable. And do you know what? They did. 
I printed it on burlap to make it look more authentic, then I popped it into this wood frame, which I’m planning on staining darker as soon as all this ice melts. 
Right now, I’ve got it propped on a wood tray in my kitchen. I really like how it looks. Best of all, it only cost me $3 for the frame.
As for that large milk glass pitcher- I love it, but I haven’t quite decided where I’d like to display it yet. 

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