Easy Christmas centerpieces

We don’t have an eat-in kitchen. As a result, we eat in our formal dining room every night. So, as bad as I want to set the table in an elaborate Christmas tablescape, I can’t. It gets old having to move the pretty place settings when I want to serve my four-year-old a messy meal. Not only that, it’s also hard to keep said four-year-old out of the dining room when she wants to play with the pretty dishes.

I do still want to decorate my table somehow, so I try to create a simple but pretty centerpiece that doesn’t have to be moved. I also tried to shop things we already had around the house. I came up with this:



Recognize that round wooden thing? It’s an antique wooden cutting board that is usually in my kitchen.

You know how much I love Mason jars. Here, I used different sizes of jars with Epsom salt (it looks like snow) and a little candy dish full of “antique” bells.

I love this because it is simple, it ties into the tree in the dining room, and it isn’t something I have to move every time we sit down to eat.

And best of all, it didn’t cost me a dime.

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