Farmhouse Friday: styling a farmhouse China hutch

I love my wedding China and I love my milk glass collection. I truly believe things you love should not be hidden away behind cabinet doors. They should be displayed and enjoyed. 

This is how I’ve been displaying my wedding China. Pretty boring and repetitive, huh? 

Plus, what a waste of space.

Meanwhile, all my milk glass is just squirreled away behind my pantry door.

I found this inspiration on Pinterest:

Ain’t she purdy??

I’m loving that grain sack paint job but I also know the hubs isn’t going to go for that. 

I emptied out the cabinet first, and then I started stacking dishes. I put a little milk glass, a few stacks of dishes, and a cute little basket. When I finished, this is what I had:

I think this is way better, don’t you?

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