Four Days, Four Drawers: a recap

Last week, I participated in a mini organizing challenge with Jen Jones of I Heart Organizing. She challenged her readers to organize a drawer a day for four days. I had recently reorganized several drawers around here, but there were certainly some that needed a little tune up. The first drawer I tackled was the top drawer of our nursery changing table. It wasn’t that bad, but there was too much in it, and I figured that would make those late night diaper changes simpler.
My next project was my husband’s sock drawer. Once again, it could have been much worse, but it needed a bit of straightening.

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Next, I straightened my daughter’s bottom drawer of her dresser. It wasn’t bad, either, but it needed a bit of straightening up.
My last drawer was also in my kiddo’s room- her nightstand drawer was basically a glorified junk drawer. It contained a plastic pinwheel, a birthday card, a flashlight, a bookmark and some bottle labels. She’s four.

The book and flashlight made it back in there, but that’s it. 


Thanks for taking the time to read about #4days4drawers! I hope you have a good week.


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