Grocery shopping made simple part one 

Grocery shopping is my least favorite chore.  No,  I’m serious.  I’d rather do laundry AND clean toilets than go grocery shopping. 

I literally put off going to the grocery store until the last possible minute.  I hate it hate it hate it.  

I have learned a few tips in recent years that make me hate grocery shopping a little less.  Most of them are probably no brainers to everyone else, but I’m a slow learner.  

1. Don’t take your kids. 

Haha.  Yes,  I’m serious. I have a five year old and an almost one year old and I do NOT take them to the grocery store unless it is a very quick trip.  My baby just doesn’t have the patience and while she’ll be a perfect little angel for most of the trip, and will get tired and she will let everyone know about it.  My five year old actually does pretty well if it’s just the two of us,  but I do have to keep her from putting things in our cart that we don’t need. Besides- the grocery store with no kids? That’s like vacation!! 
2. Know what you need 

This one might seem like overkill but it really does help me a lot. Have you ever needed an item but didn’t realize you needed it until after you get home from the store?  I use this grocery inventory to help me keep an eye on our pantry, fridge and freezer.  I walk around checking off what we have and making a list of things we are out of or running low on. It’s really cut down on those second trips. 

3. Know what you need part 2

Keep your grocery inventory and a shopping list right beside your fridge..  Or you can get magnets and put them on your fridge.  As soon as you run out,  add the item to the list.  If you wait,  you’ll forget.  
4. Plan your meals 

The first tip I have for meal planning is to see what you already have. What can you make from what’s already in your pantry or fridge? Then, plan some meals according to your schedule.  For example, we tend to eat something we can pick up on nights that my daughter has gymnastics,  because we don’t have time to cook.  Sometimes we’ll make crock pot meals if we have church that night and need a quick meal. 

After you plan your meals, add the ingredients you don’t already have on hand to your list.  This makes sticking to your list way easier.  I’m not saying impulse purchases never happen, they just happen less often. 

What meal planning and grocery tips do you have?  

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  1. I have never enjoyed grocery shopping, NEVER EVER! I shop as infrequently as I can and have always planned well enough in advance to avoid the grocery store as much as possible. I’m finally fortunate that my husband doesn’t mind going to pick up items, as needed.

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