Kitchen hacks: grease disposal

I enjoy cooking, but with two little children and one with homework, it isn’t always easy.

Lately I’ve been thinking of sharing some life hacks I’ve learned along the way.

When we cook, we often drain away the grease to make the meal healthier, but also to enhance the flavor. Browned hamburger meat with too much grease tastes bad!! ūü§Ę

You don’t want to put hot grease in your trash can and you should never pour it down your sink.

Here is what we’ve learned to do:

Take a colander and put it on top of a bowl.

Pour your meat out of the skillet and into the colander.

Stir it up a little and all the grease will fall into the bowl.

Gross, I know. But at least all that grease isn’t in my dinner…or my tummy. Yuck!

Then, you can wait until the grease cools to put it in your trash.

Stay tuned for more kitchen hacks!!

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