Laundry Room Woes

click here Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to feast your eyes on the most boring laundry room EVER. Well, maybe not ever. It could be worse, but it is probably still pretty close.

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Since this is a narrow hall, it’s hard to get a good shot. Here is the view to the left. The right, which is not pictured, holds a wall rack of cleaning tools (mops and brooms, etc) and my vacuum cleaners. college application essay writing help 25th anniversary edition

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There is a long shelf above and a hanging rod. 

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Are you bored yet? I am. *yawn*
This will undoubtedly be next on the list, once the closets in the nursery and Emorie’s big girl room are done. I really like the size of this laundry closet- there is a lot of space for storage, but it isn’t laid out in a way that I can use the storage space. I would like a tall pantry cabinet on the cavernous right side and 4 wall cabinets. Then, I’ll put in a shorter hanging rod, paint the closet walls a pretty color, decorate a bit and install an inexpensive counter top on top of my machines for folding.  Here are a few ideas. I am sort of combining them to form my inspiration for the space. 
A blend of modern appliances and vintage furnishings, such as these distressed wooden cabinets, lend this laundry room an authentic aesthetic:
laundry closet
I think maybe a pantry cabinet like in the first photo and three to four wall cabinets might be the best bet. Now, to search for salvaged cabinets or find a really good deal!! personal statement help for college dissertation v wohl

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