Magazine storage

The first step is admitting you have a problem.


In an effort to declutter this house and simplify our lives, I am going through our belongings and purging what we don’t use or need.

What I learned is I am a magazine hoarder. I started by going through all my magazines and narrowing my subscriptions down to four magazines. I then went through my stacks of magazines and kept only the last three months’ issues. I also kept some special issues, such as the Christmas issues.


I then bought some magazine files from Ikea and covered them with some pretty scrapbook paper.


I also purchased some Tim Holtz Ideology bookplates and made some labels for each magazine I subscribe to.


I’d say the magazine files have helped my magazine hoarding problem significantly.

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  1. I did a posting a few years ago about my addiction to magazines. I literally had magazines overflowing from my huge magazine basket. It’s so hard to part with them, but when I finally do, I usually flip through them for any inspiration I want to cut out and save before letting them go.

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