Mommy Mondays: Arranging your child’s clothing to encourage dressing themselves

where can i buy a research paper My daughter just turned five this past weekend. She loves clothes and is independent in a lot of ways, but in other ways, she still needs lots of help. closet My daughter’s bedroom closet, while large, only boasted one high shelf and one closet rod. Last summer my dad and I made a vertical closet shelf and installed it in the middle, as well as adding more rods along the bottom. You can read about that here. 

follow link closet1 I decided to create a system in which she can reach everything she needs on a regular basis. Her winter hats, colored tights and coat hangers are all stored on the top shelf, since she doesn’t need them often. Her gymnastics clothes, swimsuits for swim class, underclothes, jammies, tops, bottoms and shoes, though? Right in her wingspan 🙂

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Creating An Annotated Bibliography The boxes are actually diaper boxes that I covered in fabric. I made the labels with MS Word.

go to link Her undies, jammies, swimsuits, hair accessories, shirts and shorts are stored in this dresser.

source link DSC_0474 College Paper Writer Employment Each drawer has a different function. Here is what her pajama drawer looks like. Her undies drawer is the most organized, but I’m not going to show my daughter’s undies on the Internet.

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source site We use drawer organizing baskets in the other drawers, but the tops and shorts don’t fit in them. I do try to keep them in neat folded stacks, but as I’m sure you can understand, my kiddo does actually get clothing out of these drawers, so they often look like this: DSC_0475 DSC_0476 Yikes. That’s one thing I’ve just had to let go of, but I do encourage her to help me re-fold and neaten up the drawers every week.

college application essay help online conclusion Having your child choose their own clothing and have access to all of it is a great help to them. Don’t forget, though- they do still need guidance in making presentable outfits. Check out my child in this colorful get-up:

see 13442614_10100819678939072_6065244163160363984_o reviews Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you tomorrow for a back porch retreat 🙂 Linking to StonegableWorthing CourtCedar Hill FarmhouseConfessions of a Plate Addict, The Turquoise Home, A Place of My Taste, The Happy Housie, The Blissful Bee, My Pinterventures, The Lady Prefers to Save, The Kolb Corner, Craving Some Creativity,  Let’s Get Crafty, Diane and Dean DIY,  Starfish Cottage, Bluesky Kitchen,  Potentially Chic,  McCall Manor, and Odds and Evans,  The Quintessential Mommy, Christine Everyday,  Little Miss Dexterous get Décor To Adore Poofing the Pillows At Home With Jemma White Spray Paint,  and French Country Cottage!

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