Organization: night stands and bed tables

Our night stands needed some serious help:

Look at all that clutter. So much stuff that we don’t even use! 

I got right to work: first I cleared the top of the nightstand and tried to separate what we use from what we don’t. I put away the things we didn’t use and straightened up the things we DO use.

I know that humidifier and baby monitor aren’t exactly blogger gold, but this is our room we actually live in, and we do actually use those things. I don’t want to show you a model home, I want to be real. So excuse the ugly 😇

I did the same to the inside of the drawer. Out with the unused and in with the necessities.

Broken tablet? Socks I do not wear that don’t fit in my sock drawer?

That’s better, right? Now there is a cute dish for my jewelry, my headphones, my Bible and some books I’m currently reading. 

There’s also a flashlight, foot cream, lip gloss and a pen. 

What’s in your nightstand?

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