Our front porch transformation 

follow link We have been working on the interior of our home since we moved in three years ago. Even though we’re far from finished with the inside, we have begun working on the outside.

http://www.rieticultura.net/?dissertation-proposal-early-childhood-studies dissertation proposal early childhood studies I tried to find a decent before picture but I could not. Our front stoop used to look like this:

Part composite board, part splintered red-stained wood. Here’s another picture.

click Back in the winter, we hired a local man to rebuild the steps and to build them a little less steep. I don’t have a picture of that.

I will tell you that between work, and two children, one of whom is an infant,that banister and those steps stayed a natural wood for months.

enter site

Natural wood with muddy red paw prints anyway.

Like I said, we have wanted to improve the curb appeal of our home. Our first course of action was to paint the banister and steps. We painted the rail white and painted the steps to match our composite wood.

I really love how it turned out. We also plan to replace our front door and light fixture, but for now, we’re starting small.

We used a ready mixed paint from Sherwin-Williams called SuperDeck. The grey is a color called Kings Canyon and the white we used on the rails is just white exterior paint in a satin finish. We used a brush to paint spindles and near corners but painted the rest with a small roller.

My only advice to you is to not paint outdoors in the summer in the South, but if you do, do it in the early morning or late evening when it’s cooler.

Here is our complete to do list for the front yard:

  • Have an actual sidewalk installed 
  • Buy some decorative planters for the area beside the garage and in front of the steps 
  • Install a lamp post in the front yard 
  • Replace the landscaping with something lower maintenance 
  • Get a decorative house number sign 
  • Replace front door 
  • Replace light fixture 

Check back soon for more updates! 

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    1. Thanks so much! I’m getting ready to paint the back porch and I am dreading that 🙁 It’s going to be a big job. Thanks for stopping by!

  1. I know you will finish your to do list and it will be lovely.
    Thank you for joining us at Thoughts of Home.
    Hope to see you next week too.

    White Spray Paint

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words and encouragement each week. I really enjoy being part of Thoughts of Home.

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