Pardon my absence

I apologize for being absent in the past few weeks. My family has had some difficult days. We lost both my dad and my grandfather in the same week, and I took a little time off from blogging (and my full time job as well) to try to begin healing from those losses. We are doing better, though we know there will be difficult days. I am having trouble grasping the fact that my dad and grandfather truly are gone. I miss both of them so much it’s painful sometimes, but I am grateful for all the memories I was able to create with them.

I thank each and every one of you for your emails, comments, and messages. I thank you for praying for us, both when my dad was sick, and after his passing. Your care and concern has meant more to me than you’ll ever know.

I am planning to continue blogging, but to cut it back just a little. I am struggling to balance motherhood, working, blogging, my faith, and my home, so I’ll be slowing down a bit but not stopping. I have missed you, but I’m ready to continue and pick up where I left off.


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