Planning a Trim Healthy cooking day

As you know, we are preparing for “back to school” in our house. One way that we’re doing this is planning and prepping meals.

To do so, I have planned and created four separate meal planning days: one for breakfast, one for lunches, one for dinners, and one for condiments/sauces and snacks. 

My family follows the Trim Healthy Mama way of eating, which is a sugar free plan. Natural sweeteners, such as stevia, are used, as are gluten free flours. 

Today I’d like to show you my breakfast planning day. I cooked for four hours and ended up with almost three weeks of breakfasts. 

Pictured below: breakfast burritos (S), waffle breakky sandwiches (S), chocolate waffles (S) and regular waffles (S). 

Pictured below: breakfast burritos with egg, cheese and sausage on low carb tortillas, and some with bacon, egg and cheese. Both of these are S breakfasts.

Pictured below: six chocolate waffles (e), six regular waffles (e), two loaves of sprouted grain bread (e).

We are often in a hurry in the mornings, so having these breakfasts already prepared means we can just grab what we need and take it with us, if need be. This way no one goes without breakfast and everyone is well nourished and happy!

To see recipes, click the links below. All of these recipes are in the cookbook, but these links go to other websites.

Trim Healthy Waffles (e)

Chocolate waffles (e)

Wafflized breakky sandwich (S)

Breakfast burritos (S)

Soft sprouted bread (e)

In the next few weeks, I will show you the lunches and dinners. I hope this has been helpful to you!

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