Purging the Playroom

Each winter, we clean out the playroom and remove all the toys that are broken or that the kids have outgrown. We always try to do this before Christmas to make room for the Christmas gifts, but this year, we have another purpose.

Organizing and simplifying

We want to simplify life for everyone at our home. We are trying to live with less and just enjoy what we already have. Our daughters have toys they have never even played with, and it’s our eventual plan to use their underused playroom for another purpose. We have decided to keep their favorites but simplify what they have. Since the kids mostly play in the family room instead of staying in the playroom, it makes more sense for them to just keep their toys there.

For as long as we have lived in our home, our playroom has looked like this:



We are planning to rework our current office to a family room. This room would be the primary hangout for our entire family, with floor to ceiling built in bookcases for books and toys. We are also keeping some of their toys in their own rooms now.

Last week, we went through the toy boxes in both kids’ rooms, and every shelf and basket in the playroom. We threw away one full bag of trash and broken toys. We filled two large bags of things for donating/giving away, and we emptied out three bins.

Here’s a picture of our purge pile in the back of the van:


We are far from done with our playroom purge. Check back next week for our playroom plan. I hope you have a great week.



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