Recipes: Nana’s Famous Meatloaf

Every family has a treasured recipe. Something that you eat frequently when you’re gathered in the same place for a holiday or special occasion. In my family, we are blessed to have many good cooks, so we have lots of recipes. One of my all time favorites is my grandmother’s meatloaf. 

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Anytime we go visit her, she makes it for me. When we went to see her this past weekend, she made for us. I have the recipe and have made it several times, but mine is nowhere near as good as hers. 
If you leave out the onion, it will taste great. I know this because I have some family members who will not eat onion. 
As always, right click on the recipe card to save it to your computer. To print it out, insert a 5X7 index card into your printer. Make sure to change your paper size to 5X7. 

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