Saturday Musings 

My grandmother’s Christmas cactus
For as long as I can remember, my Nana has had this Christmas cactus, which she got from my great-aunt. I have always admired it. Lately I’ve been reading about the benefits of house plants and how they can purify the air.

Pure breathing air isn’t just good for your pulmonary system; it’s good for your mental health as well. Having indoor plants promotes happiness and a sense of calm.

My grandmother gave me some starts from her Christmas cactus when we went to see her last week. I’m rooting two sections of it: one for my home and one for my classroom this fall. I am also working on growing some other plants indoors as well. More on that later.

We celebrated July 4th last week with a church picnic and some watery fun!

Then, we went to see some fireworks.

We are also doing some other fun things this weekend. Yesterday, we helped decorate for Vacation Bible School. We might not have been a big help, but we had fun.

 We will be meeting up with church friends for a cookout tonight.

Who knows what else we’ll do?

Aubrey thinks this plant stand is a nice seat.

And now for a few updates: 

I painted our living room over spring break and it was a chore! We still need to paint our bedroom, the office, the dining room, kitchen and the playroom. I am hoping to get the playroom and office knocked out this week. We shall see.

I am continuing to be blessed by this wonderful bible study. I am also still looking for active participants who are willing to join me in this study. You will be incredibly blessed!


I’ve learned that I have arthritis in my back and hip, and that is what’s causing my back to hurt. I went to the doctor and was prescribed physical therapy and medication. I’m trying a few holistic methods as well. 

Trim Healthy Mama:

I was doing so well with THM and was almost 100% on plan, but then i went on vacation and I got off track 🙁  I was feeling cruddy and putting weight on, so I’m trying now to get back on plan. Slowly but surely I am getting there!!

Here’s what I’m reading this week:

Worthing Court: How to Make a Screened in Porch a Relaxing Oasis

Stonegable: Secrets to be a better home decorator

Have a wonderful weekend!

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