Simplified Saturday: Fitting fitness into your schedule 

Gyms are popping up everywhere, but joining a gym can be costly. In addition to the cost, you also must find time to go to the gym. If you live in the country like I do, you definitely don’t have time to drive to a gym, work out, and drive home.

I’ve always been an active person, and interested in staying fit. Motherhood hasn’t changed the fact that I am interested in staying healthy and fit, but it has thrown a wrench in my ability to find time for health and fitness.

I have tried a number of DVDs and even YouTube workouts, but I’ve often found that there aren’t many resources available for working Mother’s with busy schedules and small children. I also don’t want to take time I already don’t have to drive to a gym, leave my children in a child care room with someone I don’t know, and work out.

I also know that several of us are already beginning to think about those New Years Resolutions, so I wanted to share this fantastic new resource I’ve discovered.

I recently started using an app called Aaptiv, where you can not only customize your own workouts, but you can also choose from ready made training plans.

There are so many different workouts available, in different levels of difficulty. You can choose short workouts, or longer workouts- whatever works best for your schedule.

You can even choose from a variety of personal trainers, based on their training style and personality.

You can even choose your music.

I like Aaptiv because I can look at all the available plans and plan my workouts ahead of time to suit my schedule for the week. I can also use the app on my phone, or log in on the computer, meaning that my workouts go with me wherever I go.

I thought the Aaptiv maternity initiative was great, too. I am not expecting, nor planning to be, but I wish I’d had this when I was expecting my daughters. I had a hard time finding workouts that I felt were safe for me, that weren’t “pregnancy yoga,”  and I didn’t think there was a lot of information out there for expectant mothers interested in staying fit. If you’re interested in checking out Aaptiv’s maternity initiative, visit their site.

The Aaptiv app itself is free to download, but costs $9.99 per month.Sign up today  and use the code “BURPEES” to receive a free 30-day trial.

Head on over to the iTunes Store or Google Play Store and download Aaptiv today. You’ll be glad you did.

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