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Simplify Your

I can honestly say that I have never completely cleaned my home in one day. I have tried to do it, and I either run out of time, or I get burned out. And my house is not a big house.

I also learned pretty quickly that cleaning on Saturdays meant that I lose my entire Saturday and I don’t get to do anything fun with my family. I found a daily cleaning schedule on Pinterest, adapted it, and came up with this:


My house is much cleaner when I do a little bit of cleaning each night. This way, every surface of the house is cleaned monthly, if not weekly. Honestly, with kids, you need to spot clean upholstery more often than once a month. We also don’t always get to the windows, but we do try.  It also helps that my oldest child likes to help me clean, and is pretty good at it, too.

Another way to simplify your cleaning routine is to create cleaning zone kits. For instance, I keep a kitchen cleaning kit under my kitchen sink, and bathroom cleaning kits under both bathroom sinks. The kitchen kit includes stainless steel cleaner, Chlorox wipes,  dishwashing detergent, ceramic tile cleaner, multipurpose cleaner and window cleaner. The bathroom kits contain Chlorox wipes, window cleaner, daily shower cleaner, tub and tile cleaner, toilet cleaner and magic erasers. Having these kits in close proximity means I can just open the cabinet, grab the kit, and do a quick cleanup.

I also keep a general house cleaning kit in my laundry room with window cleaner, multipurpose cleaner, microfiber cloths, and furniture polish. This is in a bucket with a handle on it, so I can tote it around the house.

I have learned that tackling one room at a time means that I am able to clean the room more thoroughly, and that I am less likely to do a thorough job if I clean the whole house all at once.

Truthfully though, you have to clean your home in a way that fits your family, your home and your schedule.

Have a wonderful week! How do you clean your house?

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