Simplifying your routine: pre-planning outfits 

Since school started for this cutie, we’ve been trying to simplify our morning routine.

Now I have two children to get ready and drop off at two different places, and then I have to go to work…just like almost everyone else on the planet.

I actually admit to polling our friends with two or more kids and asking what worked best for them. 

Some of the tips are things we already do, such as preparing outfits ahead of time. 

I think most of us probably lay out our clothes the night before. This year, I decided to take it a step further and lay them all out on Sundays. I wanted some of those days off the week dividers but they’re far too expensive. 

I got out some scrapbook paper, a pen, a CD and a pair of scissors.

I traced the CD onto the paper. You can trace a CD  four times onto a piece of 12×12 paper.

Then, I cut out the circles.

I then glued two of the circles together, and repeated this until I ended up with eight circles.

I wrote the days abbreviation on each one with a Sharpie. One extra serves as a marker for an alternate outfit.

I then ran them through my laminator and then cut them out. 

Then, I made a hole in the center just big enough to slide it into a hanger.

I like how this turned out! What simple projects have you created recently?

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