Small organizing projects: my foundations wardrobe

So, I’m sure you are wondering what a foundations wardrobe is. We have this cabinet in our bedroom, which is supposed to be a TV armoire. It even has a large hole in the back for a TV.


I’ve been using this cabinet to store my…foundations garments. If you don’t know what “foundations garments” are, it’s a polite way of saying my skivvies. My unmentionables. My draws. The cabinet portion contains hosiery, camisoles and socks. The top drawer contains panties and bras, and the bottom drawer contains work out gear. The drawers were pretty organized, but this is what the inside of the cabinet looked like:

DSC_0193 DSC_0196

I like to call this “organized chaos.” Or maybe just “chaos.”

There are more baskets than there is room. The baskets don’t match. The baskets are overflowing. There are things in the cabinet that don’t belong there. I began organizing this mess by doing what I always do when I organize: making a huge mess. I took everything out of the cabinet.


Baskets were upturned on my bed, and I made a giant pile which I then sorted. I also took the time to divide the giant pile. I made piles of things that no longer fit, things that belonged elsewhere, and things that needed to be thrown away. I then realized that the camis in the basic colors that I wear most often can be folded and stacked on the top shelf. So that’s what I did.


Colors that are less often worn are together in a fabric basket. My other “special occasion” foundations are there, too (slips, longline bras, etc). My black and gray hosiery is in another bin, athletic socks are in one bin, tights that are colors other than black and gray are in another basket, and nude pantyhose are in yet another. My Spanx got moved to my panty drawer, because, well…you know. There are three big totes in the bottom front and three small ones in the bottom back.


The result is a much neater, not chaotic cabinet. I can see everything, I know where everything is, and there isn’t anything in here that doesn’t belong. I’m pleased with the results.


And best of all? I already owned all of these totes, so this project cost me nothing. What can you organize? Tune in next Thursday for another quick organizing project.

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