Spring cleaning: ten steps to better closet organization

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http://eaglesviewinc.org/julius-caesar-persuasive-essay/ So I’ve been a little AWOL lately. I went back to work two weeks ago, and I’ve been trying to balance life with two children, a full time job, house keeping, and blogging. Something had to go by the wayside, so I decided to take a small step back from blogging. Things are improving, so here I am.

Most of us are in the midst of spring cleaning in some way or another. I recently was featured on Your Inspired Design for my closet organization. I have been asked for tips many times since then, so I decided to share those tips with all of you. These are in no particular order.


10. Include only what you wear regularly.

source site This one may seem like a no-brainer. I moved from a house with a HUUUUGGEEEE walk-in closet to a tiny closet. This was a huge adjustment. I learned to include only what I use regularly in my closet. I keep my out of season clothing in underbed bags under the bed, and I keep underthings, pajamas and work out clothes in dressers. Because we live in NC, and our weather is fickle, I keep a few outfits that can transition easily into warm/ cold weather. Twice a year, I clean out my closet and remove what no longer fits, is stained or torn, or things I simply no longer wear.

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example of a argumentative essay 9. Incorporate a “donate” bin or basket.

In the picture above, do you see the tall bin to the right of the vertical shelf? That is a donate bin. We have one in both daughter’s closets, and a small donate basket in our own closet. When we find something that no longer fits or that we no longer like, we toss it in the bin. We try to empty these bins at the thrift store donation boxes each month, but it honestly depends on how much is in the baskets.

8. Use matching hangers.

You may not think this is important, but it gives your closet such a streamlined look. I use velvet hangers because they keeps my clothes from sliding off. I use plain white hangers in my girls’ closets. I like these:



7. How you hang is important

If you hang everything in your closet in random order, it will be harder to find what you’re looking for. I have chosen to hang my shirts not only by sleeve length, but also by color. This makes finding that blue short sleeved sweater so much easier.


6. How you hang is important part 2

Hang your pants and skirts at eye level- it’ll make your closet look so much neater.


5. Use your shelves

If you’re blessed to have a vertical shelf, use them to store small items in bins, shoes, purses, etc. A high shelf is a great place for storing lesser-used and out of season items. I also have a second top shelf where I store folded pants and jeans and folded sweaters.

4. Use bins and baskets

We use bins to corral scarves, purses, winter accessories, long underwear, and beach/water wear.


3. Use clear plastic shoe boxes so you can easily find what you’re looking for.

2. If you have a deep closet, get some sort of light. We have a battery operated motion light that turns on when we open the doors. It’s nice.

1.Give your closet a weekly once over so you can ensure things stay nice and neat.

I hope you enjoyed my tips for closet organization. Do you have any tips?

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  1. Good Morning,
    I love an organized closet and they can get out of hand so easily.
    You have done such a great job and inspired me to get moving!
    Thank you so much for joining us At Thoughts Of Home On Thursday.
    Hope to see you next week too!

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