Sunday Scripture: John 15:5

Yesterday I was sitting on the back porch and I looked down to see this sweet little flower growing around our spindle. 

I have torn down the vine several times and I’ve sprayed it and even tried digging it up.  

In fact,  I’ve never left the vine long enough to know that it had such pretty flowers. 

Despite my efforts to kill the vine it always comes back.  That vine is resilient.  The kind of resilience I’d like to think I had. 

This tiny little vine got me thinking about our True Vine,  our Lord Jesus.  The verse says “apart from me,  you can do nothing.” 

I can be the “resilient I’d like to be”  if I trust God to make me that way.  Our relationship with our True Vine is like that – apart from Him,  we can do nothing,  but with Him,  we can do anything if it be his will. 

Have a wonderful week. 

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