Sunday Scripture: Proverbs 3:5



Last week, my sweet firstborn graduated from preschool. The pastor of the church (not our regular church, but the church where her preschool is) preached a special sermon for her graduating class, but also for the high school and college graduates in the church. He preached using the text of “Oh the Places You’ll Go,” which was the preschool graduation theme, but also on Proverbs 3:5-6. This is by far one of my favorite verses.

Do I always trust God instead of leaning on myself, my plans, and my worries? Nope. That is one of the many areas in my life where I need Him to continually work on me. And He does. I am learning more and more to just trust Him and worry less. I will always have a plan but God has one that is bigger and better.

My challenge for myself and for the life of my little graduate is to always trust God and acknowledge Him above everything and everyone else. I know a lot of times that is easier said than done.

This week, acknowledge God in everything and He will guide your paths.

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