Sunday Scriptures: 1 Peter 2:24

This week, as I sat at the hospital awaiting the results of my dad’s procedure, I was worried and anxious.

I had the pleasure of meeting a very Godly woman who came up to speak to some longtime friends of our family. I would later learn that she is the mother of a former coworker and friend.

She shared the verse 1 Peter 2:24 with me and told me how it brought her great comfort. She told me sickness doesn’t come from God, but from evil. She said God, who bore our sins on the cross can most surely heal us in times of need.

Sometimes sickness isn’t what we need healing from. Sometimes we need healing from a broken heart or a bad attitude. A God who died in a cross for us and rose again can certainly change your heart or heal your pain.

I often have to ask God to change my attitude. This week, if you’re going through a valley in your life, I hope you’ll remember 1 Peter 2:24. Nothing is impossible with God.

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