Scripture Sunday: Colossians 1:13-14

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source url I chose this verse as it’s something I’ve really been thinking about lately.  Last week, during our Easter service, the youth did a skit in which they depicted a young woman walking with Jesus, facing all sorts of temptations, getting pulled away from Jesus, and ultimately finding her way back to Him. It was a beautiful depiction of the life some of us have lived. So is the verse I have chosen for today. cheap buy term papers I was raised in church and saved at a young age. I attended church as a kid, but when I became a college student, I found all sorts of temptations and I allowed those things to take me further from His kingdom. I drank a lot of alcohol and did so frequently. I stopped going to church and quit praying. I listened to and watched horrible things. I said and did a lot of inappropriate things. I met, dated and became engaged to a young man who did not follow God and considered himself to be agnostic.

follow site I was fully immersed in the kingdom of darkness. In fact, I remained in this kind of lifestyle until a few years after college, when I began to attend church once again.

A few months after my return to church, I vividly remember sitting in church and realizing I’d been just going through the motions. I might have started going to church again, praying and reading my bible again, but I wasn’t really living like God wanted me to do. 

watch Lately I’m finding myself just going through the motions again. I am praying and going to church, but not as much as I need to. I’m not reading His word enough and I’m not completely given to the things of God.

click This Easter, I decided to make a concentrated effort to give my whole life back to the Lord and to stop going through the motions. If you’d be willing, I’d like to ask you to keep me in your prayers as I reaffirm my commitment to Christ. Thank you for allowing me to be transparent for a bit. Have a wonderful week.

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