New Year’s Eve…and a little reflection new-year-wishes-with-flowers In twelve hours, it will be 2016.  As always, when preparing for a new year, I like to look back on this year, and think about what I want to do better in 2016.

professional letter writing services uk So many good things happened in 2015. My husband took a new job. We accomplished lots of good things around our house. This was the best thing that happened: DSC_1993

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click Other things in 2015 were not so great. My dad got more bad news and had more surgeries, and more hospital stays. We lost relatives we were close to.

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small business 401k plan Still, we know God answers prayer. We know that no matter what 2016 holds for us, we know who holds 2o16. That makes it better. That makes the uncertainties ok. In 2016, my oldest child will go to kindergarten. I will return to work and my baby will start daycare.

literary analysis essay romeo and juliet Around the house, we hope to do some minor projects in our laundry room and kitchen. We also hope to work on some landscaping outdoors- pour a new sidewalk and re-do some of the out-of-control landscape.

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Get Help Writing A Dissertation Need On a personal level, I hope to become better at spending money and I hope to manage my blood sugar. I want to cook at home more and eat out less. Most importantly, I want to unplug from all electronic devices and spend time with my family. I don’t really call them “New Year’s Resolutions,” so much as “areas where I want to improve.” Somehow, and this doesn’t make sense, I am more likely do them if I don’t call them “resolutions.”

get What about you, dear readers? How will you improve in the year 2016?

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