Taming the paper clutter 

​I don’t know about you, but we surely seem to be drowning in paper, and I don’t mean the spendable kind.  
Each day,  it seems like there is a lot of mail, Emorie’s school papers and who knows what else.  I thought for this week’s organization post we could talk about methods of management for all the papers. 


1. Sort that mail!
In our house,  we have three mail bins. One is for outgoing mail,  while the other is for bills and one is for anything that needs to be filed. Anything else goes straight to the shredder.

3. Use a paper shredder 

You would be surprised how much junk mail we get each month. Our papery shredder really comes in handy.  I’ve started shredding junk mail as soon as it comes in.  

5. National “Do Not Mail” List 

Yes,  it’s a thing and it’s awesome. Remember when the “do not call” list first became popular? This is the same kind of thing but for opting out of Unwanted bulk mail. I encourage you to try. 

6. Finance binder

We use a finance binder to hold on to bill stubs and other documents.  It’s nice having all of those things in one convenient place and it truly does help you track where your money is going. 

7.Put Those School Papers in A Folder

We use two fingers at our home.  One is for parent communications and one for homework.  This is working well so far. 

What paper organization tips do you use? Feel free to comment below and share!!
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