The power of a quick change Sometimes the smallest changes have a big impact. We’re on a mission to “un-builder grade” our home. In addition to having builder grade fixtures in our house, we also have an abundance of cheap curtain rods. You know the ones.

watch Yes, those. And they’re in almost every room. We’re changing those cheapies out one room at a time and changing then to prettier curtain rods with a little more character. This can be expensive, so that’s why we’re doing them a few at a time. We’ve managed to change them out in our daughters’ rooms. This weekend, we changed out the one in our hall bath.

go to site Here is the before:\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t-buy-generic-cialis DSC_0537 DSC_0538

decimals homework help And the after: DSC_0541 DSC_0542

See how much impact a small change can have? I think this makes the room look more finished. What small changes have you tried recently?

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    1. I actually found this one at Dollar General, but you’re right. Target has a lot of nice curtain rods. Big Lots does too. Thanks for stopping by! Have a good weekend.

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