Trim Healthy Mama cooking day part two

Freezer meals are one of the surest ways to save time in your busy schedule. I’m a teacher with two small children, one who is extremely busy with a number of activities. Time constraints make it easy to fall into the fast food trap. 

Perhaps you remember my post two weeks ago when I posted about my breakfast cooking day? I ended up with three weeks of breakfasts frozen in our freezer, which is definitely making our mornings easier. 

I just used this printable meal planner I made and it made the cooking day so much more organized. 

To download, just right click on the blank pages and save to your device. For best results, click “fit to page” and print on 8.5×11 paper.

I used my second cooking day to make freezer dinners and some condiments. One of the great things about the Trim Healthy Mama cookbook is that they include a “freezer to crockpot” note in all their crockpot recipes. This tells you how to easily prep your meals for the freezer so you can just take them out and pour them in the crock pot.

At the end of the cooking day, I had  made peanut junkie butter, sugar free chocolate syrup, sugar free strawberry jelly, sweet and tangy salad dressing, and balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

I also made whatcha want Mexican chicken, Cajun cream chicken, lazy lasagna for two…

Wicked white chili, 

Wipe yo mouth BBQ,

Taco soup 

And rich ‘n’ tender stew

This will make my nights so much easier AND ensure that my family has a healthy meal each night for dinner. 

Here is my recipe list. All are Trim Healthy Mama recipes and are sugar free and white flour free. Some special ingredients are required.

Peanut junkie butter

Slim belly jelly

Sweet and tangy salad dressing 

Chocolate syrup

Balsamic vinaigrette 

Lazy lasagna

Cajun cream chicken

Watcha want Mexican chicken 

Wipe yo mouth BBQ

Wicked white chili

Taco soup

Rich and tender soup

Hope you’ve enjoyed this list! Keep your eyes pealed for yet another cooking day in the near future.

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