Tuesday Tips and Tricks: Choosing a rug

Choosing a rug for your home can be a tough decision. Not only are rugs an expensive investment, there are all sorts of styles and sizes to choose from. If you’re like me, it takes you a long time to make an expensive purchase like this one because you want to avoid regretting that purchase later. 

Here’s a shot of our living room when we first moved in. This room has changed considerably but we still have this rug. It’s a perfect size and color for the room.


We have several area rugs in our home, and recently bought a large rug for our dining room. We are currently shopping for a rug for our master bedroom. 

We also have rugs in our girls’ rooms.

Aubrey’s rug is a knock off of a much more expensive one. I do wish this one were a little bigger. 
So how do you know what size rug you need? 

I found this info graphic at Apartment Therapy and it’s a great visual:

               Apartment Therapy
Here are a few things like to consider when buying a rug.

1. Where will it be used? 

Believe it or not, where you use the rug makes a huge difference in what you buy. When we bought our dining room rug, I knew I needed a low pile, dark colored rug. I have a toddler who loves to throw food. A light colored rug would show stains and a high pile rug would be hard to clean.

2. Know the rug size. 

My table seats right with the leaves in, so I knew I needed a rug that would accommodate the table extended to its full length. A 5×7 was way too small but an 8×10 was perfect.

3. Consider the colors of the wall, furnishings, and floor. 

Make sure your rug isn’t too close to the floor color. A neutral color is best because a rug is an investment, and you want your rug to go with almost any decor. This gives you opportunities to change it up with accent pieces!

4. A higher quality rug will be more expensive but will wear better and last longer. You get what you pay for, and rugs are no different. 

5. Get a nonslip rug pad. 

Even if your rug is not in a high traffic area, a rug pad will improve the look and feel of the rug. It will also help the rug stay down on the floor, without rolling and curling. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this series on choosing a rug. Have a great Tuesday!
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