Upcycling: baby food tubs

We all know there are tons of ways to reuse baby jars. Gerber is now selling baby foods in these nifty little plastic tubs like this:

http://www.scarpetango.eu/research-papers-on-winston-churchill/ gerber

http://growtrees.org/chemical-engineering-admission-essay/ There are so many neat ways to use these.  My former co worker used to keep hers in her lunch box with her daily vitamins in them, and a second one with a handful of almonds in them. I use them to store small items in my craft room, like buttons and push pins. I also use them to store small items like safety pins and bobby pins in my purse.


Before you ask, I did wash it. This one just used to have sweet potatoes in it and it’s stained.

http://utdallas.lambdaphiepsilon.com/autodesk-autocad-civil-3d-2012-32-bit/ autodesk autocad civil 3d 2012 (32-bit) I’ve also used them for a mini first aid kit. This one works better with foil packets of Neosporin vs. a tube that doesn’t bend well. The lid doesn’t stay on well.

watch DSC_1467

Here are some other uses I found on the web:

Use for craft paints and tempera paints



source url Single serve Jello snacks. Couldn’t find a link back to the original source.


Here is a great idea: store small servings of snacks for traveling or for the lunch box. [couldn’t find original source]

This one doesn’t concern the small tubs, but the cereal containers. Why not use them to store your pancake mixes and cake mixes? You could use some chalkboard labels and they’d be perfect in your pantry.


I can’t wait to show you which ones I try 🙂 Have a great Tuesday!

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