Updating the playroom part two

Our playroom is something of a design conundrum.


There is only one solid wall, and there is a HVAC vent right where the cradle is sitting. That’s why the shelves are off center. The electrical panel also throws a wrench in my decorating.

DSC_0111 DSC_0113

When I say there is only one solid wall, this is what I mean. Two of the walls have pass throughs.


The remaining wall has two windows. Not complaining- those walls let in some great natural light and look out into our backyard.

So, what can you do with those two pass through walls?


We got two cubby shelves. They are not so tall that they block the “windows.” We have room that we could add two more cubby shelves if we wanted… but we don’t.

DSC_0110 DSC_0104

The floor space that two more shelves would occupy is already occupied…by the wheeled toys, the easel, the dollhouse and the barn.

Another design conundrum is the loud floor. It clashes with EVERYTHING. It isn’t real slate; it’s laminate. We eventually have a different use in mind for this room, and when that happens, the floor will be the same red oak that’s in the rest of the house.  Until then, the kids can play all they want and I don’t have to worry about them hurting the floor.

What’s in the plans for our playroom? Well, we’re putting in some new curtains, a fun wall treatment, some paint, and some art. Here is what I have in mind:

A wallpaper with gray in a cute, not-too-loud print:



And some art:



And some paint:

Let me know what you think!!

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