Week in review Wednesday 

May I be the first to wish you a happy Wednesday! (name that children’s cartoon).

This has been a busy week. Emorie had open house on Thursday, a playdate on Friday, and Saturday, we went to visit my grandmother. I took this super cute pic of the girls looking out my grandma’s French doors.

My kids have grown so much! Our local coffee shop has a wall where the local kiddies can put their height. Look how much Emorie has grown in two months!

Today, my sweetie pie started kindergarten.

I bet you heard me sobbing the way from California. As much as I hate the fact that she’s growing up, I couldn’t be happier with her teachers. I think she’ll have a wonderful school year.
Aubrey has gone back to her babysitter full time. She turned nine months old this week and is growing so fast. It’s hard to believe she is going to be one soon. Anyone want to fist bump?

Have a blessed week. We will see you next week with some exciting news.

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