Word-full Wednesday: resilience

get link I wanted to find a quote to create a cool printable like I did last week. Truth be told, we have had a difficult week and my heart just wasn’t in it. I just couldn’t find a quote that resonated with me.

I kept coming back to one word, though: resilience.

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Resilience. My mama is a great example of resilience. When I was five and my dad was sick for the first time, my mother balanced two jobs, college classes, raising a kindergartner and caring for a sick husband.

follow url My grandmother is resilient. She survived the loss of my grandfather and my uncle.

I’ve seen one aunt and her children survive the loss of my uncle, and stand up, resilient. I’ve seen my uncle and my cousin grieve for the loss of my aunt and show remarkable resilience.

As many examples of resilience as I have in my family, I have no greater example than my Daddy.

dissertation consultation services apa In the past three years I have watched my dad endure radiation, several rounds of chemo, seed therapy, several surgeries, septic shock, and lots of hospitalizations.

company research paper He never complains and never gets bitter. Even when he feels horrible, when you ask how he’s feeling, the answer is always “I’m fine.”

http://www.hdwallpap.com/sociology-essay-on-child-labour/ Sociology Essay On Child Labour While I’m aware that he isn’t as strong physically as he used to be, I’m aware that his faith and his spirit are still strong.

view While I wish I could change our current situation, I’m grateful for his resilience.

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